Our State’s Mathletes are READY…The ‘Playoffs’ are Set to Begin!

More than 900 Student Mathletes will soon compete against their peers in chapter and state competitions, to determine which team & individuals will represent our state at the National MATHCOUNTS Competition in May.  Here’s how YOU can be part of the success on their journey to represent our state in the National Match-up:

Simply VOLUNTEER 3 to 4 hours of your time – at just one competition, or more!
Nearly 100 volunteers are needed to support 6 Chapter Competitions at 6 testing sites throughout the state, as well as the State Competition. No experience is necessary; you must simply be over 21 and not related to a competing student. The time commitment is just 3 to 4 hours, and volunteers serve as proctors or scorers for the competition(s) they choose to support. See the Competition Schedule below.

If You Cannot Volunteer in Person…

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MSPE Participated in 2015 NSPE Northeast Regional Meeting

The 2015 NSPE Northeast Regional (NER) Meeting was held from Oct 8-10 in Galloway, New Jersey.  MSPE was represented by MSPE Director and Past President, Kenneth R. Skinger, PE, Esq., F-NSPE, who serves as Northeast Region Manager. At the business meeting, NSPE Past-President Harve Hnatiuk, PE, discussed current NSPE initiatives including the society’s re-branding efforts. All attendees earned 6 PDH credits for their participation.

Pictured from left: Holly Stichka, John Schanz, David Stichka, Liz Schanz. and Kenneth R. Skinger. PE, Esq. The couples scaled Mt. Kilimanjarao, and presented their experiences at the NER dinner meeting.

Pictured from left: Holly Stichka, John Schanz, David Stichka, Liz Schanz. and Kenneth R. Skinger. PE, Esq. The couples scaled Mt. Kilimanjarao, and presented at the NER dinner meeting

At the dinner meeting, Mr. and Mrs. John Schanz presented Experience the Scaling of Mt. Kilimanjarao. They discussed how, as untrained mountaineers, they and another couple (Holly and David Stichka) and their local escort party successfully reached the peak. The reprise of their climb and descent provided insight to the perils and exhilaration of their personal experience. All attendees earned 6 PDH credits for their participation.

Meet MSPE Member David Desrosiers, PE

Dave-Desrosiers-LoResDavid Desrosiers, PE is a DPW Director for the Town of Granby, MA. An MSPE member since 1981, David also volunteers as the Connecticut Valley Chapter Coordinator for MSPE’S key outreach program, MATHCOUNTS. (mspe.com/mathcounts)  David has answered the questions below so we may know him better. Thank you, David, for your long-time Society membership and your generous support of MATHCOUNTS.

Q: Why did you join MSPE?
A: I was encouraged to join NSPE shortly after I began my first job working as an engineer in Florida. My boss and the firm supported and encouraged participation and networking in many professional organizations. Keep in mind this was before the Internet, at a time when networking was done face to face. The parent organization NSPE provided networking opportunities and many beneficial programs such as continuing education. After moving back to Massachusetts, I saw the value of maintaining these connections and continued membership in NSPE.

Q: What are your goals as an engineer?
A: As with most engineers, I love to solve problems. My goals as an engineer have always been to find economical solutions and answers to any and all problems. Since I have always been a tinkerer, this does not mean just looking up an appropriate formula and plugging in numbers. When I encounter a problem, I need to fully understand Continue reading

MSPE Coordinates Successful CHP Seminar & Tour of Harpoon Brewery

GroupShot-CroppedThe Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) held a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Seminar at the Harpoon Brewery Beer Hall in Boston, MA on Thursday, September 17 from 2-5 p.m.

Participants enjoyed three presentations from experienced industry professionals, as well as a full tour of the Harpoon Brewery. Continue reading

MSPE Formally Opposes SE Licensure; Submits Letter to the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

In August 2015, the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers voted unanimously to oppose separate licensure for Structural Engineers.   In a letter to The Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, the MSPE Board recorded their opposition, outlining these reasons:

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Meet MSPE Member Timothy Johnson, PE, Cap’n

Cap’n Tim Johnson, PE is Principal of Captains Engineering and Consulting. He served as TimJohnsonPresident of MSPE (2004-2005). In May 2015, he retired from a 15-year career as Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Technology at Wentworth Institute of Technology. Tim is currently pursuing a doctorate in Computer Science at Pace University, as well as a venture with his son to develop a revolutionary infrared temperature device. Tim has answered the questions below, so we may know him better… Continue reading

MSPE Invites Engineering Community to Support the Next Generation of Problem Solvers by Sponsoring MATHCOUNTS

MA-MATHCOUNTS-LogoForWEBDuring the 2015-16 school year, more than 1,000 students in 120 middle schools across the state will experience Massachusetts MATHCOUNTS, a unique math enrichment program that uplifts students in 6-8 grade who love math OR fear math. MATHCOUNTS engages their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, prepares them for math in high school and college, and encourages them to select and succeed in careers that fulfill our nation’s demand for excellence in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math.

As the school year progresses, anticipation will reach a fever pitch as the “Mathletes” in the MATHCOUNTS Competition program vie for the honor of representing Massachusetts at the National MATHCOUNTS Competition next May.

A Winning History, and Double-digit Growth:
Team Massachusetts students consistently earn Top 10 placement at the National MATHCOUNTS Competition. They placed 3rd in the nation in 2015, and 1st in 2013, 2012, 1997, and 1999. The program also continues to experience double-digit growth. But only 1/3 of our state program’s operating costs are covered by the National MATHCOUNTS Foundation, while 2/3 must come from local donors.

Please contribute your tax-deductible support to this vital program.
In recognition of your support, your firm will be promoted in media updates, and at chapter and state competitions, and on the MSPE website. (MSPE.com/mathcounts).
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P.E. Magazine Features Article by MSPE Member Tom Vaughan, PE

The article below by Thomas J. Vaughan, Jr., PE, Principal of GSC Engineering, Inc. and MSPE’s President-Elect, was featured on page 3 of the June issue of PE Magazine, the publication of the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Thank you, Tom, for sharing your insights and your continued contributions to the engineering profession and fellow members of MSPE and NSPE.

FE ‘Right of Passage’
by Thomas J. Vaughan, Jr., PE
Principal, GSC Engineering, Inc.

The new FE exam format appears to fraction engineering into specialties that don’t communicate with each other and further reduces the feelings of “community” within the profession. We talk about “raising the bar” and broadening the humanities background of engineers, but the FE is narrowing even the technical scope we expect of engineers (“The Evolution of the FE,” March, p. 20).

I took the paper FE exam 29 years after college. I thought it was: 1) an intellectually stimulating exercise and 2) exactly the kind of common core knowledge engineers need to be able to communicate with each other and that distinguishes them from the general population.  Continue reading

Recap: MSPE 2015 Annual Meeting & Officer Installation

MSPE members and their guests enjoyed MSPE’s 2015 Annual Meeting and Dinner on the evening of Wednesday, June 17 at Chateau Restaurant in Norwood, MA.

MSPE Past President Kenneth R. Skinger, PE, Esq. oversaw the Installation of Officers Ceremony, and led the incoming officers and board members in a recitation of the Engineers Creed.

Members of the MSPE Board of Directors for 2015-2017 include:
Edmund Feloni, PE
President Elect: Thomas J. Vaughan, Jr., PE
Treasurer:  Anthony M. Morreale, PE
Secretary: Timothy Johnson, PE, Cap’n
Directors: Anthony Cipolla, Thomas Converse, PE, Brian M. Gaff, PE, Esq., John J. Hayden, PE, Thomas Hulbert, PE. Michael E. Perrault, PE, Kenneth R. Skinger, PE, Esq., and David Staller, PE.

At the conclusion of the Installation Ceremony, everyone enjoyed dinner as they socialized and celebrated the event’s symbolic kick off of the organization’s new fiscal year. The Board held a brief business meeting after dinner.

Team MA Placed 3rd at 2015 National MATHCOUNTS Competition


Team MA at the 2015 MATHCOUNTS National Competition – From left, Coach Josh Frost, Jeffrey Chang, Richard Huang, Maxwell Wang, and Nathan Ramesh.

At the 2015 National MATHCOUNTS Competition on May 8 in Boston, Team Massachusetts Mathletes placed 3rd in the nation out of 56 state teams. Additionally, each of our state’s individual ‘Mathletes’ placed in the Top 20 Percent of 224 of the brightest students in the nation, and two of them earned their way into to the final Countdown Round – a fast-paced, one-on-one, elimination style oral contest.

Of the four Massachusetts participants this year, three were 8th graders and will therefore age out of the program next year, and one is a 7th grader who is eligible to participate in MATHCOUNTS next year.

MATHCOUNTS is the premier math enrichment, coaching and competition program in the country for middle school students in grades 6 through 8. In Massachusetts, the program is made possible through the support and leadership of the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers (mspe.com)

There are three key MATHCOUNTS programs: The National Math Club, Math Video Challenge, and the Competition Series – each designed to engage middle school students with opportunities to use math, build confidence and enhance their appreciation for math.

John Hayden, MA State Coordinator, explains, “Overall, truly EVERY student has benefited from participating in the MATHCOUNTS program throughout this school year. I am very proud of the effort and accomplishments of the teachers, coaches, and student mathletes from each of the 121 middle schools who participated this year.”

Middle schools in Massachusetts are invited and encouraged to participate in these valuable programs. Resources are available for Math Coaches. Contact John J. Hayden, PE, Massachusetts State MATHCOUNTS Coordinator at 781-221-1198.
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