Students formed a Human PI to celebrate PI Day 2014

125 Massachusetts Students formed a Human PI to celebrate PI day 2014. Click directly on the photo to view article in Forbes Magazine.

MATHCOUNTS Math Enrichment Program & Competition is a nationwide program that promotes math enrichment for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Across the nation, the program is a grass-roots effort with the goal of encouraging young students to pursue careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

The MATHCOUNTS season runs from Aug-June each year, with schools ramping up from Aug-Oct. Chapter Competitions are held in Feb., the State Competition in March, and the National Competition in May.

Click here to access the MATHCOUNTS brochure, with the theme, “Some Students Love Math, Other Students Fear Math. MATHCOUNTS is the place for both.

The MATHCOUNTS Story: She Loves it, He Fears it; A Story of Two Math Students

NEWS RELEASES – 2014-2015 School Year:
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JAN 2015:  Volunteers Wanted at Competitions Beginning in Late Jan/Early Feb
JAN 2015: Statewide Middle School Math Program Has Double-Digit Growth
NOV. 2014:
AUG. 2014:  MA Kicks Off Math Enrichment Program for Middle School Students

NEWS RELEASES – 2013-2014 School Year, and 2014 National Competition:
(Click titles below for links to the full news releases)
MAY 2014:  Massachusetts Team places in Top 10 at National Competition
MAY 2014:  ABC News profiles MATHCOUNTS (Click to watch video)
APRIL 2014: MA Secretary of Education Congratulates MA Student MATHLETES
MARCH 2014: Massachusetts 2014 State Competition Winners Announced
MARCH 2014: MSPE Recognizes MATHCOUNTS Contributors
JANUARY 2014: MSPE Seeks Volunteers to Help at MATHCOUNTS Competitions
NOV. 2014:  Massachusetts Kicks off Middle School Math Enrichment Program

2014 Team at MATHCOUNTS Banquet

MA Students at 2014 National MATHCOUNTS Competition

MAY 2014 – The Massachusetts  Team was ranked in the Top 10 teams in the nation at the 2014 National MATHCOUNTS Competition, earning 8th place out of 56 teams.  Additionally, each of our state’s individual ‘Mathletes’ placed in the Top 50 out of 224 of the brightest students in the nation.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Become a Sponsor Today!

In 2015, the National MATHCOUNTS Competition will be held in Boston, MA.  Corporate and individual sponsors are encouraged to support our state’s 2014-2015 program. Since MATHCOUNTS is funded at the state level solely by local contributions, this vital program continues to rely on tax-deductible donations (checks, supplies, gift cards, etc.)  Tax-deductible donations of any size are appreciated.

Your donation will help to defray the costs of:  Food for 900+ students at the six (6) state-wide chapter (region) competitions; Transportation of students to chapter meetings and competitions; Trophies for the chapter and state winners; Supplies, Postage costs, MA Team T-shirts, and more.  In recognition of your support, your firm will be promoted in media updates throughout the year, at competitions, and on the MSPE website.  Checks may be written to the MATHCOUNTS Foundation, and sent to John Hayden, P.E., MA State Coordinator, who will ensure that the Foundation credits the funds to MA.

A new Chapter Coordinator is needed for the MetroWest Chapter of MATHCOUNTS, currently based in Weston. This person would begin by assisting and training with the chapter’s current coordinator during this 2014-2015 school year, and then become the Chapter Coordinator for the next school year.  If you or anyone you know may be interested in serving as a coordinator, please contact John Hayden (contact info below).

For more information or to volunteer or sponsor the MATHCOUNTS program, contact John Hayden, P.E., MA State Coordinator, or 781-221-1198. Also, visit the national website.