Here is Why YOU Should Support Massachusetts MATHCOUNTS Math Enrichment Program this Year

Here in Massachusetts, the MATHCOUNTS program is strong – BUT it can only happen if it is supported by volunteers and sponsors.


  • In the history of the competition, only California has won more National Championships.
  • The Massachusetts Team has won the National Competition in 1997, 1999, 2012 and 2013. Massachusetts Individuals have won the Individual Title in 1991, 1998 and in 2013. We look forward to continuing this winning tradition.
  • In 2017, Massachusetts placed 8th out of 56 State Teams and 3 of the 4 Individuals placed in the Top 25% of all 224 competitors.

Here are several types of ways to contribute your time, talent, or financial support. EACH way is important, and goes far in supporting this vital program…

Please contact your local middle school and find out if they participate in the program. If they do, congratulate them and offer any assistance you are comfortable with. If they do not participate, urge them to. They, and you, can find out more at the MATHCOUNTS website, or by contacting the State Coordinator, John J. Hayden, P.E. at

CLICK HERE to view or share a brief slide-show about the Program.

VOLUNTEER – Several options & time frames available:
Support Chapter Competitions (Proctoring & Scoring)

In late fall of 2017, the 2018 Competition Schedule here in Massachusetts will be published. At each of the Chapter and the State Competitions, there are a number of opportunities to help out. These range from proctoring the test to scoring. No experience is necessary and training on any position takes only
minutes the day of the event. Time commitments range from 3 to 5 hours on the day of the Competition.  Anyone interested in helping can contact the Chapter Coordinators directly.  

Chapter Coordinators and/or Co-coordinators Needed:
There are also opportunities to volunteer as a Chapter Coordinator and run one of the 7 Chapters around the State. This role takes a total of approximately 60 to 80 hours (just a few hours a month) over the course of the year. Volunteers will receive support and training from State Coordinator John Hayden, plus the other coordinators in MA, as well as the National MATHCOUNTS Office. This can also be done by committee, if one person could take the lead.  Specifically, coordinators are needed for the Connecticut Valley Chapter (centered in Chicopee), and the MetroSouth Chapter (centered in Foxboro).  Contact State Coordinator John J. Hayden, PE for more information.

MATHCOUNTS is funded in Massachusetts from several sources. The MATHCOUNTS Foundation, the National Organization, supplies about 1/3 of the operating costs. The remainder comes from Organizations, like the Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineer and other professional organizations, local companies and individuals. Any donation, large or small, can greatly help to fund and expand the program. Donations should be made out to the “MATHCOUNTS Foundation” and mailed to John J. Hayden, P.E., 4 Davis Road, Lexington, MA 02421. The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.