The Value of an NCEES Record

NCEES LogoMSPE President Chris Barros, P.E., shares his experience with establishing an NCEES record, and the value it has added for him throughout his career. Chris explains, “I have been registered as a professional engineer since April 2003, with MA as my first state. When I joined SourceOne in 2008, I completed the NCEES process. With the benefit of NCEES, I have been able to expand my licensing from MA through CT, RI, NH, PA, DE, IL, NJ, MD, and NC. NCEES provides the ability to streamline communications of past education, work history, and contact references.

As the years pass, it becomes difficult to reach back out to colleges for transcripts, previous employers for verification of employment, and to contact references for referrals. Once this is done in NCEES, they act as a permanent foundation of your professional and work history. As time passes, you need only to provide NCEES with an annual update of your activities to keep your record current. Because of the credibility and efficiency that NCESS provides, the timeline for gaining licensing in drastically reduced. I am very glad that I have gone through this process, and I will continue to maintain my records within NCEES.